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Tokico Illumina Shocks for Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z In Stock Exclusively At Whitehead Performance!

Tokico Illumina Strut Inserts Have Finally Landed and Are Exclusively Found At Whitehead Performance!


For the serious enthusiast, TOKICO illumina Series shock and struts offer five-position adjustment.
The sophisticated Illumina adjustment system was designed to provide precise tuning of street suspensions, offering the ability to set up your car’s handling for a variety of driving environments.
The track-tested Illumina Series has proven to offer excellent dependability during the prolonged harshness of racing conditions, along with long-term durability in street use.


Damping Force Adjustment
With a choice of five settings from the softest (#1) to maximum control (#5) the Illumina Series allows drivers to easily change the balance, overall handling and ride quality for everything from daily driving to autocross or even drag racing. To change the damping force, simply insert the Illumina adjuster (part #TO 00102) into the top of the rod, and turn it to any of the five numbered settings.

Rebound And Compression
Damping force adjustments alter both the rebound and compression damping rates simultaneously, for consistent control.

Application – Specific Damping
Each shock or strut application has its own specific damping curve shape and range, precisely tailored to the vehicle.

Advanced Adjustable Valve Design
Illumina uses TOKICO’s sophisticated multi-stage, variable-aperture piston and valve system, combined with a five-position bypass shutter-valve. A crisp shutter-valve detent allows quick, sure selection of the five settings.


Available now at Whitehead Performance are Tokico Illuminas for these applications.

240Z, 260Z  early model

Front – BZ3015

Rear – BZ3016

260Z late model, 280Z

Front – BZ3012

Rear – BZ3013

We even stock Shortened Tokico Illuminas for those S30 coilover applications.

images (1)

Front – BZ3099

Rear – BZ3015

And if the Tokico Illuminas are a little more than what’s needed for your ride we also stock Tokico HP shock inserts for Datsun 240Z 260Z.


240Z, 260Z  early model

Front – HZ3015

Rear – HZ3016

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