1978 Datsun 280Z Restoration

Whitehead Performance offers an extensive array of restoration services for many types of vintage vehicles.  Our primary focus is on Datsun Z cars (240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX 300ZX Z31) but we can also restore other members in the Datsun Nissan family, Toyota, Mazda, MG, MGB, Triumph, Mini, Jaguar, Porsche, BMW, VW, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Volvo.


72 Datsun 240Z Before Restoration

72  Datsun 240Z Restoration After

Having many years of experience in restoration projects, everyone at Whitehead Performance knows the importance of clear communication with our customers. It is important that a customer’s goals are understood up front. Building a factory correct restoration requires a far different approach than refreshing a weekend street driver or building a full custom restomod project. Planning and constant communication are the keys to a smooth and successful project.

There are many unique challenges involved in restoration work: from sourcing parts, to ensuring the rebuild is authentic, to meeting the customer’s expectations every step along the way.  Whitehead Performance has the necessary craftsmen and equipment to complete all the mechanical and chassis work in-house.

71 240Z RestoMod Soda Blasted Shell

We outsource the exterior bodywork and paint to a reliable and proven partner bodyshop.  Other processes like chrome and zinc plating, powdercoating, custom interior work and soda blasting of the chassis and body are also subcontracted to trusted specialists under our supervision. Because of this, we can concentrate on what we excel at while maintaining a high level of quality control throughout the restoration process.  We manage every step of the restoration project for the customer and apply our extremely high standards to every detail.

71 240Z RestoMod Final Prep

Ultimately, the customer is the final judge of any work performed and that’s why constant communication is key for us.  Therefore, any customer is welcome to stop by the shop to view progress on their project at any time.  The customer will also be asked to approve the completion of major steps in the project.   We also photo and video document every major step in the project both for regular online updates or approvals and for transparent documentation of the work performed.

Feel free to contact us with your restoration project whether it’s a light refresh or a full blown  rebuild from a bare shell.

We are happy to inspect and assess the condition of your vehicle at no charge and will provide a general estimate of the approximate cost to complete the project.  Once the project has been confirmed and a deposit received, a detailed spreadsheet outlining all work and parts and estimate of individual costs will be drawn up for your approval.  We work strictly on a pay-as-you-go basis.  As the project progresses, a running cost spreadsheet will be provided at regular intervals to keep you updated on costs accumulated, costs over or under budget, and payments to be made.

Whitehead Performance Datsun Zinc Plated Parts Restoration

Restoration work is done mainly between October and April of every year and we will plan your project accordingly.

We look forward to helping you bring an old friend back to life, relive fond memories of youth, or realize a lifelong dream to own and drive a very special car.

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