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Now Available: 4.11 Q45 Short Nose R200 Clutch Type Limited Slip Differential for Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z

AT LAST:  WHP All-in-one Short Nose R200 Limited Slip Diff package ready to bolt in to a Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z.

Fits popular Short Nose R200 Diff Conversion Kits:

  • Techno Toy Tuning R200 Complete Conversion Package
  • Arizona Z Car “Track-Pak” Q45 Differential and Suspension Conversion package
  • Most other Short Nose R200 Conversion Kits for Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z.


For many years early Z car owners converting to a Short Nose R200 rear diff setup were stuck with 3.54 VLSD Q45 diffs as the only bolt-in solution.  Later Q45 diffs had 3.70 ratio but were non-LSD and had 5-bolt flanges which made it hard to bolt-in without modifying the diff.

With the growing popularity of swapping to a Short Nose R200 setup in Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z, Whitehead Performance has had many requests for a more performance oriented Short Nose R200 solution which we build on a custom basis.

Now as an extension of our used WHP Long Nose R200 CLSD offerings, Whitehead Performance is beginning to stock used WHP Short Nose R200 4.11 CLSD diffs with the correct 6-bolt flanges so often required in Q45 type Short Nose R200 swaps.

We take the guess-work and parts sourcing out of the equation and offer a ready-to-bolt-in solution with a much more Performance Oriented 4.11 gear ratio and superior Clutch-Type Limited Slip Unit for better traction and handling.

All diffs come with the standard Short Nose R200 pinion flange for fabricating a custom driveshaft.

All diffs come with either Standard or Finned Diff covers with the correct Q45 mounting stud spacing for compatibility with Short Nose R200 mustache bars.

We offer the same diligent checks on these diffs as our other diffs and the same range of diff services.

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