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KONI Shocks Value Sale 2015 @ Whitehead Performance – 25% Off All Koni Sport Shocks for Nissan 300ZX 350Z 370Z Infiniti G35 G37


Where To Get Yours

Visit our online store for Nissan 300ZX Z31, 300ZX Z32, 350Z, 370Z, Infiniti G35, G37 Koni Sport shocks @ 25% off!




As a leading manufacturer of high performance shock absorbers KONI develops the technical features of its front & rear dampers by following a simple principle: to meet the diverse demands on its products with sophisticated mechanical solutions.


The everlasting problems with vehicle damping

Vehicle damping has always been a compromise between comfort and road-holding. An obvious example is a Formula 1 racing car which offers the best possible road-holding but with minimal comfort. In a personal sports car one expects to experience the ultimate in comfort, combined with safe road-holding. Minimum damping is required for your comfort whilst strong damping is needed for safe and stable driving. This conflict of goals can not be solved with conventional front & rear dampers. Other damper systems, which are currently available in the market do not offer an adequate solution:


No real alternative

  • Position-dependent shock absorbers will give you extra comfort, as they allow more movement of your car, but as a result the road-holding is inferior. Sudden bumps in the road will still be very unpleasant.
  • Pneumatic and electronic adjustable shock absorbers may improve road-holding in the future. The disadvantage of such complex systems is that they are very expensive and time consuming to set up correctly.

Smart solution

KONl shock absorbers with Frequency Selective Damping (FSD) technology, have been specifically designed for personal and sport cars and they combine the ultimate in comfort and road-holding. The purely mechanical solution and thus the independence of electronic control components are the basis for the the first choice of KONl FSD High Performance Damper if you have to solve the familiar everlasting problem.


Where To Get Yours

Hurry now and visit our online store to get your Koni shocks. The 25% off Sale wont last long so get yours before they are all gone.


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