1971 Toyota Celica 18RG

Beautifully Restored 1971 Toyota Celica ST with a JDM 18R-G engine installed.   We finished off the mechanical end of the car in 2010-2011 for the owner after most of the restoration had been completed by himself.  Our work included:

  • Rebuild and set up the original JDM MIkuni Carbs, install Air Filters
  • Recurve and set up the distributor and ignition timing advance
  • Initial run-in of  the engine, check and re-torque of all major bolts afterwards, reseal leaking engine gaskets
  • Brake overhaul:  rebuilt brake booster, rebuilt master cylinder, machine front rotors, new front pads, replace/reroute brake flex hoses, fabricate intake manifold tee for brake booster vacuum source
  • Install Whiteline lowering springs, Whiteline swaybars, Whiteline radius rod bushings, TechnoToyTuning adjustable front control arms, torque all suspension bolts, custom alignment
  • Minor electrical repairs

Car is now 100% complete and currently being enjoyed by the owner.


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